What was the origin of ENCORE ?

In planning for the Silver Jubilee reunion in 2014, the class of 1989 wanted to show their gratitude towards the Institute in a tangible way. We decided to set up an endowment fund and called it the Eighty Nine Class of Roorkee Endowment (ENCORE) with the idea that this endowment should make a meaningful difference in the lives of the next generation of IIT Roorkee students and inspire them to excel.

A memorandum was signed by the IIT Roorkee administration and the Class of 1989.

Where did the funds come from?

On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee Reunion, over a 100 members of the class of 1989 donated over INR 43 Lakhs as the seed fund for Encore. The funds were deposited with IIT Roorkee. Investment income from this fund is used to fund the annual Encore Awards.

An additional round of fund raising, to commemorate the Pearl Jubilee of the batch, was carried out in 2019. This initiative, called ENCORE II, raised over INR 72 Lakhs is facilitating additional awards starting in 2020.

Why is an endowment important for the Institute ?

There are many advantages to having an endowment such as Encore. Among them are:

    • A platform for alumni (class of 1989 and others) to give back to the Institute in a systematic way with the interest income deployed towards contributing to the growth of the Institute and its community

    • A flexible, ready source of incremental funds and other support for the Institute

    • Goodwill among an influential global community

    • A network to help connect current students with alumni in direct and indirect ways

I am a student, can I help?

We would love to have you be involved and would be happy to recognize your efforts. To get involved in running the fund, the selection process or in helping out in any other way, please contact one of the alumni volunteers below.

Who is behind ENCORE?

The ENCORE Endowment is run by a dedicated set of volunteers comprised of class of 1989 alumni, students and faculty at IIT Roorkee. This is a partnership with the Institute, not a standalone initiative.

The following volunteers are involved with the initiative.

Class of 89 representatives

    • Sumit Chandwani

    • Prof. R.D. Garg

    • Ankur Goyal

    • Sunil Goyal

    • Vikram Modi

    • Kiran Panesar

    • Shivajee Samdarshi

    • Ramprasad Satagopan

    • Pushkar Shahi

    • Sanjiv Sinha

    • R. Vivekanandhan

IITR Faculty

These faculty members are instrumental in supporting and guiding the establishment of Encore.

    • Prof. A.K. Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee

    • Prof. Bhola R. Gurjar, Dean of Resources and Alumni Affairs

    • Prof. Rajat Agarwal, Chairman, Senate Committee for Scholarships and Prizes

General FAQ

  • Will my contribution be tax deductible? Yes.

    • US & Canada: Donations can be made through IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation, which is a recognized 503 c(1) non-profit.

    • India: Donations can be made directly to IIT Roorkee. Roorkee has a 80Gregistration and will issue a tax receipt.

    • Other countries: Donations can be made directly to IIT Roorkee. Roorkee has a 80cc registration and will issue a tax receipt.

  • How do I make my contribution?

    • Please see payment instructions in the Continuing Fund Raising page

  • For each year since start (2014 to 2018)

    • # of applicants per year: between 100-150 students apply every year for the scholarships.

    • We award 3 overall excellence awards (4th year), and 6 merit-cum-means awards (2nd year). About 30% of the winners are girls.

  • Funds collected, funds disbursed per year since original Encore fund raising in 2014

    • The first round of fund raising raised INR 43 Lakhs. Feedback from the batch mates indicated that these funds should be managed to perpetuity and hence the orginal corpus is intact. The interest income earned being used to fund the grants.

    • The second round of fund raising raised INR 72 Lakhs and is intended to disburse between 2020 and 2030. Both principal and income are used to augment the orginal scholarships as well as provide funding for additional initiatives.