2020 All Around Excellence

Sanjeevani Marcha - INR 60,000


Has a GPA of 8.57. She is the founder of iGem IIT Roorkee Chapter, which won a Gold Medal in an international competition in 2020. She secured an international internship at ETH Zurich. She is also a Student Mentor and Chief News Coordinator of Watch Out.

Akshay Subramanian - INR 60,000

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Has a GPA of 9.31. Akshay worked on a summer internship and B.Tech. Project at UC Berkeley USA. He is the captain and Secretary of IITR Tennis Team A, and led the team to Quarterfinals at the Inter-IIT in 2019. Akshay also contributes to open source organizations like DeepChem.

Samruddhi Ajaykumar Mane - INR 60,000

Chemical Engineering

Has a GPA of 8.59. She completed an exchange semester at KTH in Sweden. She has participated in multiple plays in the Dramatics section. She is part of institute Team A which took part in multiple basketball competitions including Inter-IIT meet and Uttarakhand state level championships. She is also the Secretary of the Student Mentorship Program.

Gautam - INR 60,000

Earth Sciences

Has a GPA of 8.44. He has done two research internships, one at IISER and another in collaboration with the University of Leeds. He is a member of the Institute Hockey A team which won won a silver medal at Spardha, IIT BHU's sports meet. He is also the Junior Secretary of DAAN.

2020 3rd Year Awards

Tanya Garg - INR 30,000


Keerat Kaur Guliani - INR 30,000Civil Engineering

Bhaskar Garg - INR 30,000

Electrical Engineering

Avani Sadhwani - INR 30,000


Khushi - INR 30,000

Electrical Engineering

Kanhaiya Maddhesiya - INR 30,000

Electrical Engineering

Kaaira Gupta - INR 30,000

Earth Sciences

Noor Nisha - INR 30,000

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Isshita - INR 30,000

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Juhi Aggarwal - INR 30,000

Civil Engineering

2020 2nd Year Awards

Aditi Kothiala - INR 30,000


Sarthak Sharma - INR 30,000


Prakhar Gupta - INR 30,000

Computer Science

Pranjal Pandurng Shinde - INR 30,000

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Huzaib Ul Hassan - INR 30,000

Civil Engineering

Mahak Gupta - INR 30,000

Computer Science

Akanksha Verma - INR 30,000

Electrical Engineering

Aditya Bipinchandra Gite - INR 30,000


Total Distribution in 2020: INR 780,000

2019 All Around Excellence (4th year)

Trishna Chengappa - INR 50,000

Polymer & Process Engineering

Trishna represented IIT Roorkee in the inter IIT meets and won gold medals in 100m, 200m, Long Jump and Relay. She broke the record for the 100m of which she is the current record holder. She has maintained a CGPA of 8.1 and has bagged a foreign research internship in Belgium.

Aby Jose - INR 50,000

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Aby has a CGPA of 9.53. He was part of the Inter IIT Aquatics contingent every year, winning laurels for the institute. He led the team as captain to its best-ever performance in the Inter IIT Aquatics Meet 2019. He was also part of IIT Roorkee's first-ever Rowing contingent to participate in the All-India Inter-University Rowing Championships.

Vijendra Kumar - INR 50,000


Vijendra represented the Institute in 53rd Inter-IIT in hockey as a gold medalist and other Inter-University tournaments. He captained the hockey team in Sangram 2018. He has a GPA of 9.04 and is currently working under Dr. N.K Nawani on synthetic milk Gold nanoparticle-based detection.

Vishvendra Singh - INR 50,000

Earth Sciences

Vishvendra has led the hockey team to two back-to-back Gold medals at 52nd and 53rd Inter-IIT Sports Meets. His academic background (GPA 8.41), his leadership qualities as Captain Hockey IITR, President, Indian Geophysical Union (IGU) Student Chapter and his social service in Unnat Bharat Abhiyan and One Thousand Hockey Legs have qualified him for the award.

2019 2nd Year Awards

Tanya Garg - INR 30,000

Physics, GPA 9.31, Represented IITR in Athletics at a high level, both as an active participant and leader. She loves to write, and is involved with the Kshitij magazine.

Meghul Tyagi - INR 30,000

Civil Engineering, GPA 9.31, Represented IITR in Dramatics and at a high level. She is a yellow belt in Taekwondo and regularly participates in technical events.

Mahek Raina - INR 30,000

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, GPA 8.56, Represented IITR in Basketball at a high level. She has been involved with Kshitij and IITR Motorsports.

Noor Nisha - INR 30,000

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, GPA 8.09, Represented IITR in Dramatics at a high level. She is also interested in film making and is a regular participant in technical competitions.

Khushi - INR 30,000

Electrical Engineering, GPA 9.60, Represented IITR at a high level, both as an active participant and leader. She has also represented IITR in Debate competitions.

Kaaira Gupta - INR 30,000

Earth Sciences, GPA 8.05, very active participant in high level technical activities and competitions. She is an active participant in debate and writing.

Ayenshu Bhardwaj - INR 30,000

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, GPA 7.88, very keen and active in photography, cinematography and design. He is also a pianist and keyboard player.

Isshita - INR 30,000

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, GPA 9.33, Very active in IIT Motorsports; Learnt Squash at IITR; reasonable communication skills; serious personality; would like to help others based on her own experience.

Total Distribution in 2019: INR 440,000


Encore Awards for All-round Excellence (4th year)

Mohan Agrawal (Engineering Physics) - INR 50,000

Mohan has demonstrated a diverse set of interests and accomplishments, while maintaining a high GPA. He has led and contributed tremendously to the Drama Club. He has also represented IITR in Quizzing competitions and won at events during IIT-Technical meet. He has also contributed to implementing changes in curriculum at his Department for the benefit of future generations. He embodies the spirit of the Encore Excellence Award in being a great all round student who has certainly left IITR a better place than when he joined.

Shreya Singh (Electrical Engineering) - INR 50,000

Shreya has already been a winner of the Encore merit-cum-means award while in 2nd year. She has continued to excel in both academics, sports and leadership at the Institute. Shreya's story is one of grit, determination and perseverance. She has won various laurels at Inter-IIT athletics meets and is way ahead of her peers in athletics. She has helped organize various sports events at the Institute and provided mentorship to up and coming students.

Encore Awards for Merit-cum-Means (2nd year)

Riya Bhalla (Electronics & Communications Engineering) - INR 30,000

Riya takes part in Discus and Shot Put and has participated at an Inter-IIT level.

Ruchi Sharma (Chemical Engineering) - INR 30,000

Ruchi is a poet. She also participates in spoken word and slam poetry competitions. She also practices Tae-Kwon-Do.

Ritesh Chettri (Engineering Physics) - INR 30,000

Ritesh has a high GPA. He is an avid swimmer and takes part in both swimming and water polo events.

Adithya Shettar (Geophysical Technology) - INR 30,000

Adithya participates in quizzing at a local as well as National level. He is a Joint Secretary in the Quizzing Society.

Samruddhi Mane (Chemical Engineering) - INR 30,000

Samruddhi is very involved in Dramatics among other things. She showed true leadership by staging a street play promoting organ donation.

Deepak (Geophysical Engineering) - INR 30,000

Deepak has a high GPA. He takes part in Track and Field and was the fastest fresher of his batch.

Total Distribution in 2018: INR 280,000


Encore Awards for All-round Excellence (4th year)

Somesh Mohapatra (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering) - INR 50,000

Somesh an impressive GPA of 9.47, finished his BTech coursework in 3.5 yrs, has several research publications, is a member of squash team B, and is founder of Trixno, a startup at Roorkee for social causes.

Parinishtha Yadav (Architecture & Planning) - INR 50,000

Parinishtha is an avid swimmer, and has several medals at Inter-IIT meets. She is also the Gen Secy of swimming. She was the MC for Cognizance IITR 2017. She has a GPA of 8.15.

Ankit Alok Bagaria (Chemical Engineering) - INR 50,000

Ankit has a GPA of 8.3, is a winner of the global Ericcsson Innovation award, and he is the founder of Enactus Roorkee.

Encore Awards for Merit-cum-Means (2nd year)

The following students were chosen for the merit-cum-means award

Aby Jose (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering) - INR 30,000

Aby has a GPA of 9.38, and is member of Roorkee swimming team.

Layan Kaushik (Civil Engineering) - INR 30,000

Layan has a GPA of 9.17 and is a Grade-1 pianist.

Samagra Sharma (Computer Science & Engineering) - INR 30,000

Samagra has a GPA of 8.84 and is an active member of the Dramatics section.

Shaivy Adhikari (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering) - INR 30,000

Shaivy has a GPA of 8.49. She secured second position in Sportech tournament (IIT Delhi Sports Fest) in Basketball.

Tanya Ratra (Chemical Engineering) - INR 30,000

Tanya has a GPA of 9.55 and is an active member of the Choreography and Dance section

Total Distribution in 2017: INR 3,00,000


Encore Awards for All-round Excellence (4th year)

Prarthana Narayanan (Mechanical Engineering) - INR 50,000

Sopan Khosla (Computer Science & Engineering) - INR 50,000

Rahul Sunil Jain (Physics) - INR 50,000

Encore Awards for Merit-cum-Means (2nd year)

Gaurav Kumar (Civil Engineering) - INR 30,000

Harsh Jindal (IMT Geological Technology) - INR 30,000

Shreya Singh (Electrical Engineering) - INR 30,000

Apoorva Agarwal (Chemical Engineering) - INR 30,000

Ankit (Production & Industrial Engineering) - INR 30,000

Total Distribution in 2016: INR 3,00,000

2015 (Inaugural)

Encore Awards for All-round Excellence (4th year)

Aashiq Muhamed (Mechanical Engineering) - INR 50,000

Aaashiq demonstrated very impressive scholastic and co-curricular achievements excelling particularly in Debate and music. He is pursuing a Masters at Stanford University,

Gautam Arakalgud (Electrical Engineering) - INR 50,000

Gautam had impressive scholastic and co-curricular achievements particularly in squash, and social work at Saahas.

Jyoti Chopra (Chemical Engineering) - INR 50,000

Jyoti has impressive scholastic and co-curricular achievements, particularly in taekwondo, Himalayan Explorers Club and in cultural activities.

Encore Awards for Merit-cum-Means (2nd year)

Saksham Agarwal (Metallurgy & Materials Engineering) - INR 30,000

Shubham Kumar (Electrical Engineering) - INR 30,000

Vashi Negi (Biotechnology Engineering) - INR 30,000

Tanvi (Electronics & Communications Engineering) - INR 30,000

Total Distribution in 2015: INR 2,70,000

Photo of the Inaugural Encore award-winners with the Directory of IIT Roorkee director and representatives of the the class of 1989 :

L to R: Ankur Goyal (class of 1989), Anuj Mittal (class of 1989), Pradeep Kumar Bansal (class of 1989), Vashi Negi (Encore award-winner), Pankaj Sharma (class of 1989), Jyoti Chopra (Encore award-winner) , Dr. Pradipta Banerjee (Director, IIT Roorkee) , Naveen Pundhir (class of 1989 ), Dr. RD Garg (class of 1989 and faculty) , Gautam Arakalgud (Encore award-winner) , Aashiq Muhamed (Encore award-winner) , Saksham Agarwal (Encore award-winner), Tanvi (Encore award-winner) , Shubham Kumar (Encore award-winner) .