A total amount of INR 72 Lakhs was raised globally. Thanks to all who donated!

In 2014, we successfully launched the Encore Awards Fund at our Silver Jubilee at IIT Roorkee. A whopping 108 members of the 1989 batch contributed over Rs. 43 lakhs to give back to our alma mater by recognizing and rewarding outstanding undergraduate students at the institute. Since then, 30 young Thomsonians have received more than Rs 12 Lakh in Encore Awards, funded from the interest earned on the corpus.

A committee of your batchmates has put in time to make sure the best applicants are selected, and to ensure impeccable financial accountability. All proceeds have gone directly to the students. IIT Roorkee has been very helpful during this process. Today, the Encore Awards have become one of the most prestigious awards at the institute. Please visit IITR Encore for all the details.

Five years on, we believe it is time to take Encore to the next level. Many of you have also expressed a desire to give again. Therefore, we are starting a new round of fundraising, that will culminate during the Pearl Jubilee celebrations.

Based on the fund’s track record, and the many students it has helped over the years, we ask that you donate generously. We are counting on all of you: previous donors and those who missed out on participating during the first round. Our goal for Encore II is to raise Rs 1 Crore ! These funds will be used to increase and number and value of the student awards and funding to attract and retain the best faculty at the institute.

In the US, we are planning to route the funds through the IITR Heritage Foundation, to allow for the benefit of tax deductions and corporate matching where possible. In India, all donations can be given to the institute directly and will qualify for tax benefits. Let us hope we can up the average donation and the number of donors this time around to meet our ambitious goal of raising Rs 1 Crore!

At this time we are only inviting pledges/commitments from each of you. One of the volunteers will reach out to you for pledges. A call for funds will be made in early November with bank and payment details. The entire list of Encore II donors (unless some of you request anonymity) will be shared and celebrated during the Pearl Jubilee!


  • Expected amount of contribution

    • US & Canada: Any amount is appreciated, but USD 2000 is suggested.

    • India: Any amount is appreciated, but INR 100,000 is suggested.

    • Other countries: Any amount is appreciated but USD 2,000 is suggested.

  • What will these funds be used for?

    • There are a several options. Final decision will be made after consulting with the donors after the fund raising has been completed.

    • One option is to extend our existing Scholarships to make them more substantial, and to support more merit-cum-means scholarships.

    • We can also consider some options from this list suggested by Roorkee: http://awards.iitr.ac.in/donors/schemes.php

  • Will my contribution be tax deductible? Yes.

    • US & Canada: Donations can be made through IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation, which is a recognized 503 c(1) non-profit.

    • India: Donations can be made directly to IIT Roorkee. Roorkee has a 80Gregistration and will issue a tax receipt.

    • Other countries: Donations can be made directly to IIT Roorkee. Roorkee has a 80cc registration and will issue a tax receipt.

  • How do I make my contribution?

    • Please see payment instructions below

  • For each year since start (2014 to 2018)

    • # of applicants per year: between 100-150 students apply every year for the scholarships.

    • We award 3 overall excellence awards (4th year), and 6 merit-cum-means awards (2nd year). About 30% of the winners are girls.

  • Funds collected, funds disbursed per year since original Encore fund raising in 2014

    • The original corpus of Rs 43 Lakh is intact. About 3 Lakh is disbursed every year from the interest income.

Tax deduction


IIT Roorkee qualifies for 80G category tax exemption. Recent changes in tax laws in India allow anywhere from 50% to 100% deduction. The amount donated sometimes has to be less than 10% of annual gross income. IITR issues you a receipt for taking the deduction.


IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation is a Non-Profit Charitable 501(c)(3) US Organization, and qualifies for a Tax deduction.

Testimonials from Winners

Gautam Arakalgud, winner from 2015:

It's a big honour for me to win this prestigious award in its inaugural year. I thank the entire Encore team for giving me this opportunity. I'm sure the award will go a long way in giving me the strength and confidence to strive for bigger things in the future. More importantly, the award serves to build a platform to foster interaction among current students and the alumni of IITR. I had a very pleasant time talking to Mr. Chandwani and Mr. Goyal during the interview and I'm hoping to keep in touch with you in the future as well.

After transferring the funds, please enter payment details here: payment form

Previous Winners

Encore Graduated Winners - summary
  1. Paresh Goel Architecture & Planning

  2. Pradeep Varma Architecture & Planning

  3. Navneet Arora Chemical Engineering

  4. Himanshu Asthana Chemical Engineering

  5. Ashish Gupta Chemical Engineering

  6. Sushil Madhogarhia Chemical Engineering

  7. Vivek Mohindra Chemical Engineering

  8. Murlidhar Nagwani Chemical Engineering

  9. Pushkar Shahi Chemical Engineering

  10. Jaspal Singh Chemical Engineering

  11. Manish Singh Chemical Engineering

  12. Arun Sood Chemical Engineering

  13. Pankaj Agarwal Civil Engineering

  14. Alok Jain Civil Engineering

  15. sanjiv kumar Civil Engineering

  16. Anil Prahlad Civil Engineering

  17. Anisur REHMAN Civil Engineering

  18. Ashish Sharma Civil Engineering

  19. Sanjiv K. Sinha Civil Engineering

  20. Dinesh Chaurasia Computer Science & Engineering

  21. Salil Datta Computer Science & Engineering

  22. Sanjeev Goel Computer Science & Engineering

  23. Sanjay Gosain Computer Science & Engineering

  24. Sanjay Joshi Computer Science & Engineering

  25. ajay malik Computer Science & Engineering

  26. KISHORE MULCHANDANI Computer Science & Engineering

  27. Sunil Mushran Computer Science & Engineering

  28. Kiran Panesar Computer Science & Engineering

  29. Vivekanandhan Raja Computer Science & Engineering

  30. Shivajee Samdarshi Computer Science & Engineering

  31. Surendra Verma Computer Science & Engineering

  32. Arpita Banerjee Electrical Engineering

  33. Brijesh Chandra Electrical Engineering

  34. Amit Chandra Electrical Engineering

  35. Mukesh Chauhan Electrical Engineering

  36. Suman Ghosh Electrical Engineering

  37. Rajat Gupta Electrical Engineering

  38. Vikram Modi Electrical Engineering

  39. Ramani Narayan Electrical Engineering

  40. ramprasad satagopan Electrical Engineering

  41. Neeraj Tandon Electrical Engineering

  42. Vivek Agrawal Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  43. Sandeep Ahluwalia Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  44. Sanjay Girdhar Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  45. Sunil Goyal Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  46. Kiran Kumar Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  47. Rohit Mathur Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  48. Aneesh Prabhu Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  49. Ratnakar Pulugurta Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  50. Arvind Rangarajan TCA Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  51. Sanjiv Sinha Electronics & Communcation Engineering

  52. Sumit Chandwani Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  53. Vinod Chopra Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  54. Manish Goel Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  55. Vivek Goel Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  56. Vijay Gupta Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  57. Sunil Jain Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  58. shravan jha Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  59. Gopal Khaitan Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  60. Sukhwinder Lambha Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  61. Manish Mehrotra Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  62. Soumen Mukherjee Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  63. Parasu Narayanan Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  64. Anandh Ranganathan Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  65. Alok Satyawadi Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  66. Amit Shekhar Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  67. Vikas Singhal Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  68. Sudhakar Vissapragada Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

  69. Ashok Goel Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

  70. Ankur Goyal Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

  71. Amit Gupta Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

  72. Puneet Gupta Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

  73. Rajiv Mangal Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

  74. Kumar Manish Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

  75. Parag Mital Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

  76. Sanjay Shrivastava Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

  77. Veerendra Srivastava Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Fund Statements

1989 Eighty Nine Class of Roorkee Endowment (Encore) Award.pdf