IIT Roorkee Covid Relief Fund

Helping IITR Students affected by Covid

Covid has deeply affected students, faculty and staff of IIT Roorkee. At one time close to 200 students were suffering from Covid and were quarantined on campus. The IITR administration has sent the remaining students home by arranging for safe private transportation. Students who have tested Covid positive are still on campus. They need ongoing testing and treatment until they recover. Once they recover they will need to be transported home safely. For those students who have been sent home many of them have to fend for themselves - get tested and treated if necessary - since many of their family members have been affected by Covid as well. This has caused major disruption in their lives, financially and emotionally, and has affected their education. Students had not planned for online education this semester and may not have the proper resources, including internet access, laptops, SIM cards etc. to continue learning from home.

After discussions with Director of IIT Roorkee we (ENCORE) believe that we need to act quickly to raise funds to help the IITR Students in this hour of need. This effort has been approved and endorsed by the Director of IIT Roorkee. We (members of the Encore Committee) have signed an MoU to facilitate the collection of funds from not just the IITR Class of Eighty-nine but also the global IITR Alumni.

Update: Total collections so far: over 9L INR

Has benefited 25 students, with total funds disbursed 2,35,349/-

Details of first 14 beneficiaries:

Beneficiary Detals


All donations are tracked end-to-end and will be acknowledged to the donor. The funds collected through this effort will be allocated and managed by the official IITR Students Aid Committee (StAC). The StAC is comprised of both students and faculty of IITR. The process for managing the funds will be as follows:

  • Students will apply for grants using current mechanisms of StAC

  • StAC will decide the student beneficiaries and other needs for student Covid relief

  • Max 10K INR grant per student for individual student needs

  • StAC may allocate larger amounts to benefit the broader student body

  • StAC will maintain records of disbursement of funds and share with the Alumni representatives listed above

  • StAC is meeting as needed basis (due to the unusual circumstances), and considering student applications as they come in. To date (30-May-2021) 52 applications have been considered by StAC.

The use of funds will be transparent and visible on this site, so that donors would have have timely information on how the contributions are making a difference in the right way.

Utilization of Funds

The IITR Covid Relief Fund can be used for the following purposes:

  • Grants to students facing financial and health hardship due to Covid

  • Covid treatment, prevention, tests, transport etc. for students

  • Post-covid rehabilitation of students

  • Any medical infrastructure to be improved at IITR for the benefit of students

  • Help with continuing remote education of students

  • Any other covid related relief/rehabilitation for students

Instructions for Students

IITR Students requiring aid please write to stac-applications@iitr.ac.in

Updates from Roorkee

  1. 14 students request have been funded.

  2. 38 students have requested funds through a Google form floated last week. Committee is actively considering these applications as of 31-May-2021.

Donation Details

After transfer, please add transaction details to this form: https://forms.gle/3FvxRJ1rCGGByPC99 so the funds can be reconciled and a receipt issued to you.

Donors in India

Bank account details to transfer donations to IIT Roorkee (By Indian donors including NRIs):

  1. To online transfer donations in INR to IIT Roorkee, please click here (https://www.onlinesbi.com/sbicollect/icollecthome.htm?corpID=873033)

  2. To transfer donations to IITR through NEFT/RTGS within India, the following bank a/c information is used:

State Bank of India

Branch: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Branch Code: 1069

Type of account: Saving Bank Account

Bank Account Name: IIT Roorkee Donation Account

Bank Account no.: 10660281064

IFSC Code: SBIN0001069


Donors in US

US Donors can donate through the IIT Roorkee Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) registered tax-exempt organization in the US.

  1. Zelle: treasurer@iitrfoundation.org. Zelle incurs zero overheads.

  2. Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/4256102. If you donate through Pay Pal Giving Fund, there are no overheads.

  3. GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/6c8yf-covid-19-relief-fund (see button below)

  4. Check: Mail check payable to IIT Roorkee Foundation, Inc. to the address below. This is the best option for large donations, and from giving accounts.
    Please include your Name, Address, Email and Phone number to receive a receipt for your donation
    , as well as "IITR Covid Relief" on the check memo.

IIT Roorkee Foundation
20894 Saber Jet Place
Ashburn, VA 20147-6265

Company Match

After donating, please check if your company will match the donation.

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) in US for IIT Roorkee Foundation Inc is 371931457

Donors in Other Countries

Best option is to donate through an Indian account if you have one.

Otherwise, please ask us for the Roorkee's FCRA account details.


This is facilitated by a group of alumni from 1989 batch and other batches, under the Encore umbrella. If you wish to volunteer or help please reach out to us.

Volunteer team: Pushkar Shahi, Shivajee Samdarshi, Ramprasad, Kiran Panesar, Sunil Goyal, Rahul Jain and others.

In case of any questions, please reach out to iitr.covidrelief@gmail.com


  • MOU with Roorkee (MOU, Proposal ) for India Funds

  • MOU with Roorkee and IIT Roorkee Foundation for US Funds (MOU)